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The Millennial Man is One Challenged with more than Billion Dollar Questions.
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The Millennium is a paradox of both tribulation and the greatest times ever on this earth. The seeds have been sown for the future of harvest. Which will you plan for? Today you are posed with a question, will you live a noxious life of a weed? Seeking to create a fake appearance of wealth, while all along needing the assurance of your inner identity? There are three things that set you apart from appearing wealthy without the inner authority, and one thing that is vital: power is released when you have a promise bigger than your debt; this is vitally necessary to have an innocent harvest. Seed sustains you, and a payment that eliminates your debts is accessible. Today I give you more than an entitlement; but an absolute assurance that you can walk free from debt.

What is shaking the nations today? Though there are seismic reactions to men's voices under the earth, as violence causes the earth to groan beneath her graves; there is an even greater shaking taking place. Nations are becoming impoverished with slavery without promise. Without an inner authority of promise, the evolution men live by is a shaking ground of theory, of billions of years of assumed data, as many theories are still theory. Without the surety of a promise of known data, men have no hope but seek answers. Today I share a historic message about one man, shaken loose from the first world empire of the new world. Today he co-owns the nations.

Today you may not have seed to invest in your future because of the world system; but there is promise for you to receive the necessary seed for a new harvest, as you learn about a high payment made on your behalf that cancels your indebtedness to weeds. Tune in today and see how you can reclaim focus and understand what qualifies you for a new community of living by supply.

The Millennium is a Paradox both of Tribulations and the Greatest Times Ever
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Have you ever wanted to know the secret to a billion?

Today we take you from Gravity to 1G as we share the Logic behind a hundred fold. The lust for more is not enough. Desiring a G will cripple you without the right mindset. Today we take the experience of raising over a billion in profit, to create a teaching revolution, and a soon economic boom, that many will benefit from.

You won't want to miss the insight of the next major shift coming that will usher in 20 years of promise. It is all possible to those that believe. Click on the Academic icon above for a G Logic Event. It's the weight of proven success and the challenge to fly weightless by investing in others to create zero gravity.

This Millennium you can go from Gravity to Gratuity when you learn the Secret to a Hundred Fold Man
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