Dealing with Toxins

Cleansing Storm

Today the signs are evident that a later day storm of change is at hand. The toxin of recent storms like September 11th reveal that cultures of chaos are looming clashes of violent storms of greed and envy. In the wake of tragedies we see harmonious accords of icons of heritage weathering the storms of toxic cultures.

Today the market place has a rain fall that is coming in the waves of mercy upon the violent clash of changing times. The harmony of significant key players in the world are making a culture of kindness out of culture of chaos. Today people like you need to know what will weather the storms. This cleansing storm of change is the idea of later day storm of Grace covering and rescuing individuals from the wrath of counter culture.

Mobilize IT

Today if you find yourself among toxic people; it's time to come apart from the wrath of greed and envy, and sustain a cleansing time of restoration in online adoration, of a network that honors the idea of peace from a mentor of a new paradigm of mankind.

While you may have been wearing a mask, resisting the cultures of toxin; today you can take in a fresh scent of rain fall as the grace of God unlocks an inner resilience.

Be Cleansed

Adoration is a child like behavior that comes out from playing war, and learns the patient path of peace making. Utilizing the media arts to contain an inner mission, you can strategically release timely storms of Grace to a new day of unity and the wrath that complicates the enemy of life.